• Z!

    Ok guys, let's just leave.  This place is ruined.  People came here (AND I KNOW IT WAS MATT AND HIS STUPID FRIENDS) and DESTROYED this Wiki, by trolling.  All the pages are messed up, and there's no point in staying.

    This Wiki's done, I guess, and the awards are called off, considering the pages is WIPED OUT.  So I guess you can just forget about this Wiki.

    And Matt and CCG: Congrats, you win. :'(  Because I'm just not even gonna bother trying to fix up what you did.

    So thanks,

    for ruining everything.

    Hope you're damn happy. 



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  • Z!

    Fanfiction Sign Ups- Results

    October 8, 2012 by Z!

    Well I asked for 5 people to sign up for fanfictions, but 6 singed up so YOU ALL WIN.

    I'm proud to announce our new fanfic writers:

    • GrandeGilliesGomez
    • MissRainbow
    • Carrocks123
    • Redarjun
    • PinkStrawberryTwilight
    • AriThereYet


    In the comments, tell me two things.

    1. If you accept your job.

    2. What you wanna write about, or what you plan on writing.

    THEN...I will approve of it.

    Then you will make blogs every so often about any fanfiction you want!


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  • Z!

    Fanfiction Sign Ups

    October 6, 2012 by Z!

    Ok so if you are a fanfic writer, and you would like to display your amazing writing skills on this Wiki here is what you do.

    In the comments tell me why you would want to be one and link at least one of your fanfics and I will see.

    I will ONLY accept five writers, and will accept more if the Wiki gets more popular.

    The fanfics can be about anything, it doesnt just have to be about Victorious!



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