Saranne is the pairing of Sarah and Anne. They are BFF's despite their shipping differences. They both love the color pink. WOOP-DEE-DOO.

Sarah and Anne's talk partEdit


Of course we ship it! We have to ship our ship! That made no sense... ~Anne

Well, what if we didn't ship it? What if we were enemies and made this page to discuss our hatred for each other? xD ~Sarah

Well. We aren't enemies. So idk and I don't really care either. Now I'm gonna give you a hug. *hugs* ~Anne

True. *hugs back* ~Sarah

Sarah, are you coming to Jules and Thuc's wedding?!? ~Anne

Durr! It's gonna be the party of the summer! =D ~Sarah

Pics!!! :DEdit

You do this Anne, I'm lazy. Anne: Kay kay Sarah. You know there's gonna be a lot of Ariana... Right? Sarah: Yesh...

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